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Hector C.

Evernote for Android 8.11 release notes

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Hello Everyone,

We just finished rolling out our 8.11 update to 100% of our Android customers.


- We've spiffed up search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.



- The Saved Search shortcut in the home screen was rudely ignoring tag wildcards. We gave it a stern talking-to and it’s behaving itself now.

- When you opened a note from search results, text highlighting would sometimes disappear, but that’s a thing of the past.

- We made some security updates because, well, it's important. And it feels good.


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Thank you, Hector. The "spiffed up search" seems (to me) to mean that found search terms are once again being highlighted in a note. I don't think they were in v. 8.10, and it was a problem. Glad it's fixed!

I hope the next update can address the problem, also introduced in 8.10, in which horizontal lines are inserted at the end of a note rather than at the cursor location.

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+1 to horizontal lines being fixed.


PS... thanks for fixing the performance issue with notes taking forever to display.

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