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Superb Idea for Web Clipper



Hello, I noticed in my evernote that I had duplicates of the same article or even personality.

The idea that I propose to you is very simple.

Why not allow Web Clipper to detect if the wikipedia document for example is already on our Evernote or not?

I let you meditate on it.

Up to you.

Excuse my English, I'm French.

Sincerely Louis

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Suprisingly this seems to be the only general voting thread for this feature - I coudn't find another one,  anyway.  I don't think it's feasible to have Clipper check whether a page has been clipped before,  since although the URL may not have changed,  the content may well have done so.  The only way to confirm whether the clip will be a true duplicate is to have Evernote clip the page,  check the content against any existing note(s),  then flag a possible duplicate.  Which would mean that each clip takes two or three times as long to complete.

My preference is to clip content as quickly as possible.  If at a later stage I find two identical notes,  I'll delete a note.  There's no obvious benefit in being ultra-cautious about duplications...

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