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Extracting emails

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Hi. I have many notes on evernote which contain a lot of general data and email addresses. They are not stored in Evernotes business card format, just lots of data. 

Has anyone found a way of extracting these emails from evernote in to a list?

I have tried this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2Mil3RKdcU&feature=youtu.be

But it does not work as the data is already formatted with cards. 

Thanks in advance

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Which platform/device are you using?
I'm using a Mac, as  per the video.

My process is to use scripting (Applescript) instead of enex/terminal/grep

  1. Processes each of the selected notes
  2. Accesses the enml/html code and searches for the data to be extracted
  3. Outputs the extracted data

If you post an example note, I'll give you the script

In my use-case, I had data in notes which I needed: example [Amount]$5.99
I used [Amount] as the search string and parsed the data1807241805_ScreenShot2019-06-28at05_47_26.png.c90f200cad5e246bb308d60528b362d4.png


The tricky part is identifying the data.
My case was easy because I had the [Amount] keyword


What are you doing with the list?
In my case, I wrote the data to a spreadsheet

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Hmmn.  If you're using free form notes including one or more random email address(es),  that would be a problem.  If they include a pattern,  like "@<domain>.com" then you could do a eries of searches,  but that wouldn't catch every single one.  You could use your Evernote account like a massive look-up table and just search for names when you need to - if you know the email address,  it will be in the list of notes somewhere;  if not,  you could find it and add it to an address book note for future use.

That seems the most 'agile' use of the data you have - collating 1,000 addresses into one place in case you need a dozen or so in the near future seems an unecessary waste of time...

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

If they include a pattern,  like "@<domain>.com" then you could do a series of searches

We lost the OP, but it's still a useful exercise

Working with the enml/html code, I see for email links
<a href="mailto:aaaaaaaaa@domain.com">aaaaaaaaa@domain.com</a>
The <a href="mailto: can be used as a keyword for searching

Enquiring minds want to know

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