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Evernote Blog - 5 remarkably easy time management tips

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>>1. Keep important information in one place
         Works for me.  Evernote is my filing cabinet
         My daily journal template is also a dashboard with links to frequently referenced data

          I do use calendar/reminder apps
          I can work around the recurring reminder thing, but I need better notifications

>>2. Set a time limit for each task
         Doesn't work for me, and I don't see how Evernote can help

>>3. Prioritize your tasks
I'm using Evernote for task management
        Each task is represented as a separate note
       - allows for assignment of tags, reminders, ....
       - allows generation of lists
       My task lists are date driven; I also use Urgent and Important tags for priority
       I copy the generated note list into my daily journal to create a checklist

>>4. Plan ahead for your workday
      I create a daily journal note; it includes my current task list

>>5. Get rid of distractions from your phone


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