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Download Interrupted

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Hi, I'm trying to download Evernote Webclipper and install it to Chrome.  Every time I try, as soon as the download begins I get an error that says Download Interrupted.

I'm trying to find a way to manually download webclipper and add it to Chrome.

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On which OS (Win, Mac, ...) are you when trying to download web clipper ?

From where (website / URL) do you try to download it ?

Which browser do you use to download ?

Are you behind a Firewall, does your machine run any security software ?

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Windows 10 64 bit.

Chrome store.

Dissenter browser.

The machine is running Windows Defender, but I don't get any messages from Defender.  I'm an admin on the machine, and I'm not behind a firewall.  It happens even when I'm on a hot spot or at home.

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If you go to the Evernote.com website, you find under "functions" the subpage "Webclipper". There is a download option.

However, it is linked to the browser. So I get a link related to Apple and Safari (have deleted the identifier, place of xxxxxx), when I try on my Mac with Safari:


Probably it is the same with Chrome. I am not using Chrome, so I can not check whether this is identical to your actual download site giving the problems.


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Yes, this is what I thought when I saw the identifier on my Mac/Safari.

It looks like a) there is no general EN-download for web clipper itself, and b) the download is routed through the browser's App / Extensions Store.

So either you get this sorted out with Chrome (sorry, will not install this browser just to find out), or place a support ticket on this.

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Okay, so what I ended up having to do was to re-install Brave, download the extension for Brave (which Google doesn't block), and then simply drag the file from my Downloads folder over to the the Dissenter browser and let it install.  No problem.

Clearly, the issue is that Google is trying to block Dissenter.  I wondered if they'd go so far as to actually refuse service from the Chrome store, and now I know.  They'll do anything to clamp down on Gab and Dissenter.

Hopefully, others will find this useful as more and more censorship creeps across the net.

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