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Template option slowing down note creation

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I use Evernote on many different platforms.... now I have a new Chromebook and am thrilled with the performance, beating out Windows easily. This is now my go to device for work and writing. 

I'm thrilled to be able to use the Evernote Android app on this platform. Overall, it works well.... except for one thing... the creation of a new note. It takes 45-60 seconds for the note content area to FINALLY be available in this situation. My conclusion is the "template" thing in the note area apparently takes a while to load. This bogs down the application on something I rarely have use for.

My suggestion to the Evernote development team: Please give us the option in Settings to disable the Template button thing that appears in the note content area. Put this in a menu, NOT in the body of the note. It's slowing down your app WAY down. And forcing something on users that frankly gets in the way. OK... some users may want it.... thus the option in Settings to turn on/off that kind of functionality. The less that Evernote (or any other software vendor) forces something on users, the better.

Some may say, "Why don't you use Evernote in the Chrome browser"? I do. It's MUCH faster than the Android app on this platform. However, it is not offline. There are times when I am in a location where I don't have access to the Internet but I need access to my notes and to be able to create notes. That's part of why I'm a veteran Evernote user. 

Bottom line: the Evernote Android app operating on Chrome would be a SO MUCH BETTER experience if Evernote would put in place the suggestion above. Something is slowing down note opening... especially when creating a note.... I suspect it's this new Template thing that Evernote puts in the middle of note creation.

Thank you.


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