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Evernote adding semicolon on paste?

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Evernote Windows

Just noticed while pasting text copied out of a text document, that Evernote seems to be adding a semicolon.  Tried searching the forum, but didn't see anything.  I've been sitting tight on 6.7.6 for a while, so possibly been addressed, but don't want to update if I don't have to.


<outline URL="http://address.com/proxy/x1mp33?mp=/stream" icon="html/images/filename1.png" text="NAME1 (mp3)" type="audio" />
<outline URL="http://address.com" icon="html/images/name1.png" text="NAME1 (aac)" type="audio" />
<outline URL="http://address.com/proxy/x2mp33?mp=/stream" icon="html/images/filename2.png" text="NAME2 (mp3)" type="audio" />
<outline URL="http://address.com" icon="html/images/name2.png" text="NAME2 (aac)" type="audio" />


When I paste the above text into Evernote, I ended up with the note text shown below.  Note the semicolons in red.  I don't like the idea of something added in on copy/paste operations.  Anyone else seen this, and has it been addressed in later releases?

PASTED RESULT w/semicolon automatically added (I've highlighted them in red)image.png.112944225abe4ed702dd9cf48c03076f.png



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Dunno. I copied the source text from your post directly into a new Evernote note, and saw no semicolons added. Version is the latest beta: (308538) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)

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