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Can't request Evernote Support



I can't log a support request on help.evernote.com. After doing a search I click "Contact support". From there I'm presented with a list of drop down menu options. After picking one,  "Technical Issue" for example, a blank page is all I get. Tried on multiple PCs at different physical locations all with different browsers and get the same thing. Windows or Mac. Same issue. Anyone else have this issue. It kind of sucks to not be able to request support for an issue about not being able to request support.


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1 hour ago, HighUser said:

After doing a search I click "Contact support"

What's the link? Should be https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

Once you picked from the list, you should see "Select a topic" underneath - it takes a second or two, and it's kinda faint green, but that's what I'm seeing.

See the following for more information:


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@HighUser Thanks for reaching out, and @jefito, thanks for trying to help!

We actually had a small glitch on the support site that was blocking users from being able to make a selection from the dropdown menus, or the support site would appear blank.

We believe we've fixed this issue, so you should now be able to successfully open a support ticket.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you need any further assistance!

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