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Emailing checklists

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I'm trying to use IFTTT to create recurring notes with checklists. I cannot figure out how to send the checkboxes. I tried "[]" but it didn't convert into a checkbox. 

Emailing the note had the same results. 

Anyone have a solution?

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Explain more your goals.  Evernote can't do what you are asking at the moment.  IFTTT does have an "add checkbox" applet, but not sure it would accomplish what you seek.

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My solution is to share the note externally into Things. The task in Things contains a link to the note in Evernote.

This task can be handled in Things as any other, including recurring settings. These can be on a fixed scale, like every month on the 15th, or can depend on the closing of the task, like „open this again 1 month after it got confirmed last“.

The task is completely handled by Things, through the link it is always possible to open the note with one click.

The note can be modified, content can be added etc., the link will stay valid anyhow.

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