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Search doesn't work on the Mac

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Searching for words inside notes returns zero result. At the same time the search suggestions do work. I click on a note and it has the word "education" in it. I type this word in the search bar, I see it appear in the suggestions while typing, and then all notes disappear. Tag-searching does work.

Then this... I just wanted to test this with a unique word so I created a new note, put a word inside the note, then searched for it, and you know what? It worked?! I can find that last note doing a search for that word. Going back to "education" - empty list. Searching works on the phone, so if I can't trace back a note I can use the phone.

Does anyone else have this problem? How can I fix it?

I use the free edition, MacOS 10.14, last Evernote version, all updates.

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When in the Mac client, maybe the search index took a shot. The phones search is web-based.

You can easily rebuild the index.

Go to Help menu, but hold down the „option“ key before clicking on it. You will have now a „Problem solving“ menu position as the last entry in the help menu.

Go to the first sub-option of this menu item, to rebuild the search index. Choose it, and wait the indexing to go through.

Try again if your search works now.


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