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Problems transfer notebooks with notes from premium to business

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I have gotten a description how to transfer my notebooks from my premium to our business account. If I do that over the web browser and the "move" function. The notebooks will be transferred but without any notes in it. So it is useless.

I am sure that there is an easy way to transfer these notebooks with the content to our business account. I also want to transfer all the keywords. What I don't want is, to export and import all the notes, due to the effort I have with it and I cannot export all the notebooks with the notes and keywords in it.

Best Thomas

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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum with relatively few Business users.  As a subscriber you have priority access to Evernote Support.  I'd suggest you try to connect with them and get some direct help - I'm not quite clear what you want to achieve - you're saying you want to transfer "notebooks and contents",  but not the associated notes ???  If you transfer a notebook,  by definition you transfer all the data from that notebook.  Support are here - you should have access to a chat service if your time zone overlaps.

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Basically with a Business plan, you get 2 accounts, one for the professional stuff, and one for personal use, like a Premium account.

The wall between those 2 is pretty high and solid. So better get some help on this, because even when you manage to move the notes, there may be permanent restrictions applied.

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I have a similar issue as the OP and 'support' have emailed me what sounds like a plausible solution.  My objective is to move notebooks with all contents fro0m the personal to the business section of my account.  The recommended solution is to go the web client, settings, select notebooks (max 50) then hit the green button MOVE NOTEBOOKS.ry

Each and every time I try this I get an email saying 'We couldn't move your notebooks'.

I am posting here because 'support' are extremely hard to get hold of and makes problem solving a torture.  




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