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unable to install desktop app or raise a ticket?

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I am new to Evernote - just trying it out on the basic level to see if it works for me. I tried to install the desktop version but just get this message. It says to contact technical support but I can't find anyway of doing this? when you go to support page it tells you to raise a ticket for installation issues but there is no apparent way of doing so? neither can I find any way of contacting Evernote? 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote from the Mac App Store. and restarted my computer. 

About to give up and go with Trello. Any ideas? I can still use Evernote via the web page. Do I need the desktop version? just don't want to invest in an application that contains bugs like this..

Any experience with this? Is there a way of contacting support without paying for the next level package?

Many Thanks 


Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 13.58.11.png

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Support is available for Basic accounts for account issues only. So I hope we can help.

I had installed the App Store version first on my new MacBookPro, by the way same version number as on the Evernote website. When I ran into some problems, I got the hint to install the same version just from the Evernote website, avoiding the App Store.

Did so, worked fine, no problems since.

Maybe you give it a try.

Else you can always try the web client, by accessing your account via a browser (Safari,Chrome, Opera, there is just an issue with Firefox at the moment). This access can be important for you as long as you are on Basic, because it does not count into your 2-devices-limit. You can always go to the web client and delete access to another device if the 2-devices-rule causes trouble.

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1 hour ago, I hate computers said:

Thanks so much! I tried installing from the evenote website instead and that did work! Much appreciated

Very strange as surely its the same app? but great that it resolved the problem! 

Same app, but Apple requires some changes for the app store version.

One difference is database location.

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