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Add Ability To "Search For A Notebook When Adding A From External App And Ability To Create New New Notebook When Selecting A Notebook With The Mac



When adding photos or anything from another iPhone App via "sharing to Evernote" the "Evernote share popup window" will not allow "me" to search notebooks but only to pic from a list

: ( and in my case over 150+NOTE BOOKS)

see screen shots of the Note Share Window and then the shot when selecting a notebook to put it in over the default:




.... and also another very important issue is: not allowed to "Create a New Notebook" from within a not (on the Mac Desktop App) when selecting a notebook to file it in.


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You might consider separating these two requests.

The share screen specifies the two note organizer fields; Notebooks and Tags

You'll notice the Tags screen has an an alpha scale on the right side6850C538-20BE-4495-9724-F00B420AC7A1.thumb.jpeg.5116f7c70ddcc2f32902d86296f48260.jpeg

*hint* It's almost as this field is set up for a lengthy list (max 100,000)

>>not allowed to "Create a New Notebook" from within a note

Is creating notebooks on the fly a frequent process?

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Think this is definitely 2 different requests, maybe even 3?

  1. Search function for notebook selection in share dialog on iOS
  2. Search function for tag selection/s in share dialog on iOS
  3. Create new notebook in notebook selection on desktop clients

Edit: for the search function for selecting options I wonder if this is some kind of iOS limitation as it implemented to a degree in the Android app.

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yes probs i 2 posts...  : ( . . .  just hoping the right moderator will find this and escalate it .... as yes very important to create new notebooks on the fly 👍🏿  everytime i make a new note i would like to a choose the notebook "by searching" for it and to make a new one if an appropriate nb not found... <= a must!  🙏🏿



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