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connection issue behind corporate proxy

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hi there,

its a few days, when it someting changed in our proxy settings (i guess). i am not anymore allowed to synchronize my notes.


08:11:59 [INFO   ] [30924] [23908] GA-GA: Failed to send event (error(800c0008): Failed to download specified resource.)
08:11:59 [ERROR  ] [30924] [11260] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_LOGIN_FAILURE
08:11:59 [INFO   ] [30924] [28708] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
08:11:59 [ERROR  ] [30924] [28708] * error: Could not connect to Evernote server

Can anyone tell me on which port sync should be running? (i suppose, thats against evernote.com right?!, but didnt know the port).

i want to check our network dept , if theres any prohibition.



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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

When Evernote attempts to connect to the Internet for syncing purposes, it uses the operating system's default browser Internet settings. The easiest way to check that these settings are configured properly is to visit the following two URLs using Internet explorer: 


Evernote utilizes TCP ports 80 and 443 for connection to Evernote's web service, so both of these ports need to be accessible by the Evernote application. If you're unable to access either of the URLs mentioned above via web browser, it's unlikely the Evernote desktop application will be able to sync successfully.

If you're unable to sync at your office, it's possible that your employer's IT security policy is disallowing access to services like Evernote. If you're unsure, contact your company's IT department for clarification.

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