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Problems when I sync evernote

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I didn´t  know where I could to answer this...

While I´m organizing my Evernote, I´ve done two things:

1. I´ve moved two notebooks to other stack to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote iPad, the notebooks don´t update and continue to stacks previous.

2. I´ve created tags to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote ipad has differents tags that version Evernote Desktop (Mac).

the rest (notes, images..) are upgrade and sync correctly (Mac-iOS).

This behavior is normal?

Thank you!!

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1) No, they should follow the movement on the Mac. Have you synced from the Mac to the server since moving stuff around ?

If you have offline notebooks on iOS, this can create a time lag as well. You will see the download symbol behind the notebooks that are still syncing. Moving a note to another notebook means on iOS /offline that it will sync the note newly to the new notebook. The iOS client will not move it from one to the other, even if it is already there, downloaded to the old location.

2) No, if tags as such are concerned, same question as above. Yes, when tag structure is concerned, because on iOS the tag hierarchy will not show.

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1 hour ago, jesusplanner said:

This behavior is normal?

Notebooks. Stackz and Tags should sync.

The sync process is      device <> server <> device

For troubleshooting, I'd check the server version using the web platform at www.evernote.com
This will help identify where the issue is occurring.

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