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Evernote Installation Bugged, Cannot Uninstall, Cannot Re-Install

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Evernote was installed to the user's local user profile. The computer and the user's local user profile was migrated from one Windows domain to another. This has completely messed up Evernote. I cannot uninstall it, update it or install it again. I have tried to remove every trace of Evernote from the user's computer so that the installer stops thinking that it is already installed - this includes files/folders and any registry entries.

Can you please let me know which files it is that Evernote is looking for that is making the Evernote installer think it is already installed. It needs completely obliterating from this computer before it can be installed. Keep getting the following popup which is obviously asking me to point towards the original MSI that just does not exist anymore:



Many thanks

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No idea, it seems you went pretty through everything.

Maybe wait until the guys here in the forum behind the Great Lake come awake, they may have another idea.

Alternatively it is possible to go for one month on Premium (for a one month fee ...), and get at support. They will have a bunch of questions, the problem seems quite special, but maybe they can help sort it out.

Alternatively try Microsoft support / user forum. I got good support there when one of the last Win10-updates created trouble.

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Do you know which version was installed previously? I'm thinking it was an earlier version - if you ran that, it should run in repair mode and fix the broken installation. The installer you're running thinks the old version is still installed and is attempting to do an upgrade - part of an upgrade is uninstall - and that's what's failing (because the MSI was lost in the migration - which a repair will fix)

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Hi dconnet,

Unfortunately, I do not know which version was installed previously. If I did, would it be possible to download that particular version and run the installer for it to repair the broken installation?

My only other fix that I can think of would be to remove the user's local user profile and re-create it.

Many thanks

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