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Possible Bug on Feature request forum?

Guest Don

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I have been noticing a number of posts from untraceable "Guest" people, which seem real and on topic, so I thought it was a new forum feature to let people post without signing in, until I discovered I can only post like that in the Windows feature request forum.

I was going to try this test in the general forum, but as expected, it requires signing in, same in the several other forums I tested (did not test all).

I am going to post this and then try to get an administrator's attention.

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Thanks for reaching out, and for letting me know!

It looks like an error on my part.

To clarify, Guests should only be allowed to view topics, but they should not be able to comment.

If you see any guest posts this means that the permission setting on the forum may be incorrect.

Please let me know when you see this and I'll get it fixed.


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