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(Archived) New Android Version 1.5.1


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This was just a bug fix release. People on some European mobile carriers (e.g. France Orange) couldn't access Evernote due to some crazy behavior by their carrier's proxy servers. We had to add some special HTTP headers that said "please don't mess around with Evernote's communications" to get it to work.

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Is it not possible to add some comments to this effect in Android market place when there's a release (like most other apps do)?

When i saw there was an upgrade for evernote I (mistakenly) thought it was the release for offline notes only to have my hopes cruelly dashed 3 minutes later . . . . some comments in the marketplace would be helpful to manage expectations. . . .

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Thanks for the suggestion. When we do have a release that implements a major new feature, we'll bump the version number more than 1.5 -> 1.5.1, and probably have a lot of noise on blog.evernote.com.


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