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Older iPhone as second device - will not allow download

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Recently received an email from Evernote stating that I am only 75% complete with installation as I haven't added my second device.  My second device is an older 5SE iPhone and it won't let me view the page which lets me install it.  It just shows a blank page, is this an Adobe issue?  Or is there a special way to get in with an older iPhone?

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I recently updated.  So I think the latest version.  To be honest this is the first iPhone I’ve ever had and someone gave it to me so I don’t know how to check which version it shows up as.  

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Go to the settings app

Go to general

Go to Info (topmost menu option)

The OS version should be the second position from top.

Actual versions are 12.3.1 for the OS, and 8.20 for the Evernote app.

I am not completely sure whether the iPhone 5 SE is still able to run the latest OS version. If not, it will most likely as well have problems to install the lastest app version. But the iPhone will make sure you can update as far as possible, even if it is not the latest version. It is not like Android, where updating is a permanent gamble. 

For the next big iOS upgrade due in September, the 5SE will definitely not qualify. So it wIll still work, but will not be further updated.

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O.k., so you can as well run EN 8.20. 

You find the version in the account screened the app, at the very bottom. See screen copy, From my iPad (iPhone is similar, just narrow screen)





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