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How do I get help with my Account?

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Hi as the Support ticket does not work, who can help me get back into my account?  I seem to have 2 accounts and can only access a really old 2018 version.  Can someone check this out for me?  There are some important notes that I have lost.

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This is a user discussion forum; we can't check on user accounts

>>I seem to have 2 accounts and can only access a really old 2018 version

You're going to have to supply more details.

I have 2 accounts, each accessed via a userid/password

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Except for „local“ notebooks, any of the multiple accounts can be accessed via the web client - if you have the correct login data.

And with a paid subscription (as your PLUS membership) you can access support through the Evernote.com-website as well: You just have to login there to show that you are you, and the go to the help & support section. During Californian office hours the fastest way is to start a chat.

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