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24 minutes ago, bobzani said:

Could someone please tell me what this symbol means and how to correct it? The ! over sync.

Evernote !.PNG

  1. Try syncing again. Sometimes it is a transient sync error.
  2. Close evernote, reopen and try again.
  3. If those fail, sync again, and immediately open the Activity Log. Help|Activity log.
    1. Make the window large enough you can read it. It is too small to really make use of in the default size. Just maximize it.
    2. Read from the bottom up to see what the most recent lines say and look for an error.

If the error in the log looks like something you can fix, post back here and we can help. If it says something like " server unavailable" or something, you'll need to check your internet connectivity and ensure there isn't anything blocking access.


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These are the last entries:13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [2336] * 1 note failed to sync
13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [2336] * Note: "Untitled note", error: "local: missing notebook (DATA_REQUIRED)"
13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [7264] Failed to get Google contacts for current user, error code: 4
13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [7264] Failed to retrieve Google Contacts

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3 minutes ago, bobzani said:

These are the last entries:13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [2336] * 1 note failed to sync
13:42:14 [ERROR  ] [7304] [2336] * Note: "Untitled note", error  ...

There you go.
I have no idea of the problem, but you can delete "Untitled note" and expunge it from the trash

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2 hours ago, bobzani said:

The best I can explain: A mysterious note appeared in my all notes list-"Untitled note'." I don't know how it got there, it's blank except for "Template" at the top.

Try creating a new note and then merge this note with the new one and then try deleting the new note.  I've had a few zombie notes in the past and this has worked to get rid of them.

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