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Dashes became bullets on text... - Mac, evernote on web

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Hello everyone!

I have a quotations list that, from time to time I add new ones. 

To format it, i used to write a quote, give a return, a dash and a space

Now, EVERY time I do this, a tab is given and the dash becomes a bullet. Also, the bullet button on the top, with other tools, becomes green, as if there was some kind of "auto bullet" when this sequence of keys is done. I've already tried aom combinations to see if it turns itself off, with no success. I'm really hating this...

You can see on the image that, between the firs bullets, an old and loved style "dash and space" appeared. It happened today and made me VERY happy. How it happened? Last time I added a quote (which was already on the "auto bullet mode") I gave a return, deleted the bullet and left a dash there. Today, when I opened this note, I was able to give a space after the dash WITHOUT falling on "auto bullet". But my happiness didn't last long. After that new quote, bullets were shot on my list again.

If there's no space between the dash and the texto, no bullets, as you can see on the last word typed.

Maybe all I have to do is write a quote, leave a dash and wait a few days to write another. Very "modern" and "innovative". Also, a VERY productive feature. It allows me to relax, take som time off, spend time wondering on the meaning of life...

I DON'T want to have to retype all the quotes.

I REALLY cannot understand WHY things get changed this way. It's beyond, far beyond, my understanding. It used to work fine. WHY change for the worst?? I don't believe the software did this alone...

To make things better, evernote, like all "modern" companies, doesn't have easy (if any) access to support... A great way to save money and skip from its responsabilities... "modern" times...

So, I hope any of you kind guys out there can help me with this annoying feature.

Many, many thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 01.25.45.png

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19 minutes ago, Joseazevedo said:

Now, EVERY time I do this, a tab is given and the dash becomes a bullet. 

On my Mac, I turned off that feature in Evernote Preferences > Formatting 1574309607_ScreenShot2019-06-08at21_47_27.png.5e5ca039f713ae83ee01b2297a28e6cf.png

On the Web, I downgraded from the new beta version


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Worked! THANKS!

The older version might not be as pretty, but it has the advantage of not being annoying on this subject. I didn't knew there was this option.

Thank you very much for sharing this tip.



José Eduardo

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