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Attaching Web Page Garbled

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Often, when I "clip" or save a web page, the html makes the page look bad.  Hard to see because there are lots of overlapping parts of the page on top of each other (like left and right gutters).  However, if I print that page as a pdf, then drag that pdf into evernote, it looks great. Is there anyway to have that done automatically? If not, is there a better way to capture web pages so that if I'm offline, or the page changes later, I still have a good experience?




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Just now, pkellner said:

Often, when I "clip" or save a web page, the html makes the page look bad.

The Evernote browser can handle html in basic web pages; but not complex web pages

I use different format for capturing web pages
- screenshot provides an exact picture
- pdf works, but sometimes gets messed up
- web archive is the most exact representation

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I’m looking for a quick way to save a web page.  What is the fastest?   Usually it does not fit on a page so screen grabs are not sufficient.  I don’t know how to easily do a web archive (or really what that is assuming it isn’t launching a crawler and syncing all the web assets)

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