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All notes have been lost. Can anyone help?

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A client of mine has been using Evernote for Mac for several years.  Two days she logged into the Evernote for Mac client and found that all her notes have disappeared.

In terms of troubleshooting, I have:

  • Verified that she is using the correct account and password
  • Checked the Evernote for Web account
  • Send the logs from the Evernote for Mac client to Evernote user support.

Despite providing all details to Evernote support, including the logs, they are unable to find the notes for this user.  

I have run into a dead end with Evernote support. Any help would be much appreciated.


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2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Are the notes missing „just“ on the Mac, or in the web client as well ?

What happens if your client enters trough a mobile client ?

Hi PinkElephant,

The notes are missing on the Mac Client and also on the Web Client.  I have also checked trash, tags, and the beta and current web clients.

My client has been using this account for several years.  What is strange is that Account Info, states that the Account was created on 31 May 2019. And it is quite clear that this is a brand new account.  Is it possible that a new account was created with these same credentials, overwriting the previous account and associated files?

The logs from the Evernote Mac client clearly show information being uploaded to this account prior to 31 May 2019  See extract below:  I have xxed out the user name for confidential reasons.

2019/05/10 8:13:43:919 PM I|*   49706 -[ENMacEvernoteAccountDecorator(NoteStore) createResourcesWithNoteStore:fromFiles:inNote:ignoreQuota:error:] | Creating resources from files: (
    "/Users/xxxxx/Documents/ScanSnapHome.localized/20190129_statement Visa Card.pdf"
2019/05/10 8:21:55:082 PM I|*   49953 -[ENMacEvernoteAccountDecorator(NoteStore) createResourcesWithNoteStore:fromFiles:inNote:ignoreQuota:error:] | Creating resources from files: (
    "/Users/xxxxx/Documents/ScanSnapHome.localized/20190510_-Space the most-gazed-at, least understood phenomenon .pdf"
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There were some postings in the forum lately concerning „lost accounts / data“. It seems, everything is still there and needs to be linked.

Have you tried support on this ?

You can issue a ticket, or (maybe faster) use the chat option.

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