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When will creating a support ticket be fixed

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I have tried since early July (2018) to try and create a support ticket via the WEB. Constantly I go around in circles whereby I seem to get logged out repeatedly. I have used old support requests that I have found in my emails and sometimes these work when I just respond to the email thread , however - most of the time my emails go unanswered. As a premium user and someone who has loyally stuck with Evernote since 2010 - I find the level of service and support simply appalling. I am told by various moderators of this site that 'my account has been updated - everything should work now' , indeed it does not and still I am in the unlucky position whereby no support ticket can be raised. I am wondering whether this is intentional to allow backend engineers to wade through and cleanup the numerous issues they have with Evernote. 


The report request I wanted to raise was to see how one can copy text from Visual Studio Code (MAC) into Evernote and preserve the formatting.  When I do this , my formatting is completely lost (All the indents are not preserved).

An example is the text below - this was copied straight from VS CODE , into this window and one can see the TABS/INDENTATION lost. 


This issue has gone on for over a 16 months now and it appears that Evernote is incapable of handling simple operations such as correctly copy-paste Rich text from source to destination - if I had developers working in my team who couldnt accomplish such a simple task they wouldnt last very long. Where is the QA lead in Evernote , they are obviously not doing a great job are they ? I am strongly thinking of moving outside of Evernote now because of this and other issues which just do not get fixed in a timely manner.




Incorrect - Indentation Lost 

child: ValueListenableBuilder(
valueListenable: widget.enableNotifier,
builder: (BuildContext context, bool enabled, Widget child) {
double opacity = enabled ? 1 : .2;
return IgnorePointer(
ignoring: !enabled,
child: ListTile(
leading: Icon(
color: primColor.withOpacity(opacity),
trailing: Padding(
padding: EdgeInsets.only(right: 2),
child: Column(children: [
_duration, primColor.withOpacity(opacity)),
style: TextStyle(

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2 minutes ago, Ukrx said:

I have tried since early July (2018) to try and create a support ticket via the WEB.


>>how one can copy text from Visual Studio Code (MAC) into Evernote and preserve the formatting

If you are pasting into a note, you are converting your text to Evernote's enml/html format

You might want to store your code as a text file attachment



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Storing in text files is counter-productive and reduces the benefits of using Evernote to quickly jot down ideas and information - especially if your a developer whereby one grabs and stores snippets of code frequently. The only workaround I have found is to copy to TextEdit/Word and then copy from Word to Evernote - formatting is then somewhat preserved.

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