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Feedback: Redesigning the Note Editor in Evernote

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I just watched the proposed new editor and have to admit I'm, not a fan.

Please DO NOT change/eliminate the FONT options in the new editor.

It appears you listened to people who don’t really understand fonts and sharing. FONTS are for personal use and creation, especially in notes and email.  I use a particular FONT which makes it easier for me to read and create.  I don’t really care about sending it to someone else.  
Minimizing the number of fonts and horribly to non-name fonts is mimicking apple notes and this is EXACTLY the reason I happily pay for my Premium membership.
This was not a good idea and you're fixing a problem that doesn’t exist.  FONTS are for personal and not sharing.  If creating visual for others it's normally done in a different medium.  A NOTE is personal.  
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15 hours ago, sreed1927 said:

Please DO NOT change/eliminate the FONT options in the new editor.

I share your concerns, and I have made a post in the main thread about this video:


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I've been using Georgia as my standard font in Evernote for many years: does this mean that I will now be forced to shift over to a no-name serif font selected by Evernote designers? If so, I would find it very difficult to live with that decision. Why not give us a choice of just a handful of serif fonts?

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