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Did anyone else just lose grid view?

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I turned on my computer and suddenly I am on list view. I cannot seem to figure out how to get it back to grid view. I tried changing it from card view to expanded view but then the preview disappears and the grid looks really weird with a lot of space between each note. Any else having this happen? Help.

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Card view and Expanded card view are very empty on my mac.    Card view displays only the most recent note (for that stack or tag).   Expanded card view is completely blank.

Sierra 10.12.6  Evernote 7.10


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1 hour ago, TherealGC said:

Yes here it is.

Your screenshot is card view.  
You're having a propblem with the extended card view (grid view);  Show us that screenshot.

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18 minutes ago, TherealGC said:

Yes its a Mac and trying to find "side list"


12 minutes ago, TherealGC said:

David Pierson this is side list. Still not what it used to be:(

So, you want Side List View?

Not sure "what it used to be" but you have control of the columns.

Right-clicking the header, allows you to select the columns displayed.

Drag the sidebars to adjust the column widths

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13 hours ago, TherealGC said:

Yes here it is. Thanks for responding.882284153_ScreenShot2019-06-06at7_36_59AM.thumb.png.b5a2a020dddb823e38c8c1da9a936b63.png

If you resize the middle column (the one with the cards), by dragging the dark grey line in the center, you'll be able to view multiple cards at once.

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