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This may be covered elsewhere but I couldn't find it. I am now a premium subscriber. It seems that if I simply drag and drop an email from Apple mail into Evernote, the result is a .eml file which can be viewed but not searched. I'm also not sure if the original email is deleted if the .eml file can still be opened. If I forward an email to my evernote email address, the not appears not as an attachment but as if I cut and pasted it and is therefore searchable. Is there a reason for this behavior?


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I think when you drag the email, EN treats the .eml file like any other file that you can 'attach' to a note (not including PDFs) - in other words the file is part of the note but not searchable.

The file in your note is a copy of the mail in Apple mail - so if you want to, you could delete the Apple mail version without affecting the EN version.

If you forward the email, then EN creates a new note and can therefore search the content.

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