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I have a problem with language setting on https://help.evernote.com . Whenever I click on article links (in English), I'm sent to the French version of the articles. I would like to read the articles in English. 

So I scroll down and get to:


But I cannot click on "Choose a language" or on "Français" or on the arrow. 

What is the solution to switch back to the English version of the help section? I use a Windows 10 and Chrome.

Many thanks,



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Hi.  Sorry for the delay in getting to this - the website usually returns links in the same language as your system settings,  but presumably you don't see any other French documents or pages.  Are you starting from this point?  > https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us

If so,  the problem may be a cookie,  and your browser will have a way to delete old cookies which might be helpful (although you could also lose preference settings from other websites).

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Depending on the browser you can open the list of all cookies, and only delete what you want to delete. 

Most cookies will have pretty cryptic names, but EN cookies usually are named EVERNOTE + something. When you just delete those, you can give it a try. „Delete all“ will pretty much reset everything dealing with the internet. Sometimes I think doing this is not a bad thing, however ....

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