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Spellcheck like Microsoft Word

Paddy Paddy


I would like to see a spellcheck function like that in Microsoft Word.

Right now, with Evernote you have to manually scroll through a note, look for items underlined in red, click on them, make a correction, then scroll to the next one.
It is so much more efficient to do this in Microsoft Word.
In fact, I would just copy notes to Word and spellcheck over there, but this tends to destroy the formatting, especially bullet points.

Spellcheck is one of the things I most commonly do in Evernote, and unfortunately the functionality available now is quite inadequate.

PS I would like to see this on all Evernote platforms, but I'm only able to post this in the Evernote Web forum. I mostly use Evernote for PC and for iPad.

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Hi.  Sorry for the slow reaction - I moved this to the general feature requests thread and voted for it.  Not a high priority I would suspect for most Evernote users,  but a definite 'nice to have' when they can get around to including  it...

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