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Paste in ToDo-list requires work around

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I work a lot (and I mean A Lot) wit todo-lists (checkboxes). It's my favorite feature in Evernote! :-)

What I would realy like is being able to quickly cut/paste an item to place it somewhere else. And this doesn't work on my Android phone/tablet when ín a list.

I have to first delete the checkbox it (automatically puts on the new line) to be able to paste my cut item.

I'm not sure if I'm clear enough; i hope so.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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Hi @NanetteK,

I have this type of problem too. Unfortunately, Evernote's text editor has many issues, particularly with cut-and-paste. I use the Windows and Android apps, and sometimes the Web, but the iOS folks have similar problems. Cut-and-paste that involves checkboxes are particularly a problem. They've been promising fixes for ages, and there have been a few, piecemeal fixes, but there have also been new bugs introduced into the editor.

To make your problem more clear, at minimum, you should include information about what device you are using, and the version numbers of all relevant software/apps, including the Operating System.

Additionally, it looks like the problem you are having is the kind that is hard to describe in writing. Perhaps you could try making a video of the problem happening on your device? Upload the video to YouTube, then post the link here in the forums. I can't say if that extra effort will result in a fix, but it will make very clear exactly the problem you are having.

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Hi John,

I'm sorry I took my time replying to you. It being summer (holidays) and bloody hot here (in the Netherlands) should not be an excuse. :-)

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.

I've since communicated with Evernote on several subjects, including this one.
And you're right, I should have been more clear on my circumstances and I did end up making a video.
(Since it was on my tablet I wasn't aware at the time of a capturing app. Evernote gave me a tip: AZ Screen Recorder.) 

I attached all the exchanged info here:

My tablet uses Android 7.0
The (Evenrnote-)app is version 8.11.
I’ve installed the app (AZ Screen Recorder) and the result-movie you can find here: https://youtu.be/xH7pusu6Uec.
To explain what I did:
1. I select the text to cut-paste.
2. I ‘walk’ to the space where it should be inserted.
3. I ‘click’ and hold with my finger but it won’t select the correct ‘location’ until I add a new line (via Enter) and I delete the checkbox.
Only then I can paste correctly.

Evenote's reply was:

First, you cut the "Checkbox 3" with checkbox included, and trying to paste it below "Checkbox 2". When pasting texts with checkbox after another text with existing checkbox, the clipboard disregards the copied checkbox and pastes only the text. For this, you need to put the cursor on the end of "Checkbox 2" and hit enter. When you paste "Checkbox 3", the checkbox will not be included.
However, if you paste it in a new line, for example, hitting "Enter" twice or thrice after "Checkbox 5", the checkbox will be included once pasted.
The cursor also behaves as expected since checkbox, and texts have different formatting in Android app.

So there you have it. :-)

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