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Sorting sub-tags in the sidebar

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Hi everybody,
does anybody know how to sort or manually reorder sub-tags within shortcuts in the sidebar?

Desired result:

  • Sidebar
    • Shortcuts
      • Parent Tag
        • A subtag
        • B subtag
        • C subtag
        • ...

For some reason, when I drag a parent tag into shortcuts, subtags appear in an order I can't deduce. It is not

  • alphabetically
  • most recent use
  • nor use count.

Curiously he Tags section behaves just like I would expect and desire:


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Apologies. I just realised this might not be the right forums. I am using Evernote on a Mac running Mojave, so I should have posted this in the "Evernote for Mac" forum. Does anybody know how to move it?

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Hi @DTLow, thanks for the quick response.

I have been noticing this for quite a while, including any number of syncs. Initially, this wasn't as much of a problem, as I had fewer sub-tags, but as the lists grew, it has become more and more of an issue.

Cheers // pascal


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2 hours ago, pwever said:

For some reason, when I drag a parent tag into shortcuts, subtags appear in an order I can't deduce.

Moved to the Mac Technical Issues forum

When I drag a tag into Shortcuts, I get just the tag - no parent structure
edit: I was able to replicate the sequence bug; happens with tags and notebook stacks
        It's cool Shortcuts are handling structures - not sure if this was intended by design
       The structure doesn't get sync'd to other platforms

I submitted Ticket# 2851206, I'll  post the response (after I reboot my Mac, send activity log, reistall database, ...)

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