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Help Cancelling Subscription and Receiving Refund

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On June 12, 2018 I attempted to send an email requesting a refund on my auto renewal and cancellation of my auto renewal.  Researching my old emails I recognize that this email did not get to Evernote.  It did provide a link to Evernote support that today does not work.

Today, the same as last year, I cannot find any legitimate Evernote contact information.  When I finally get to a page that briefly displays a link to email someone, it immediately asks me to log in.  I login and it immediately logs me out.  This happened last year.  This year I got, without warning, another auto renewal charge.  I have gone through the same exercise, attempting to contact Evernote, with the exact same results.

I cannot find a way to contact Evernote.  I want to cancel my auto renewal and I want my money back.

I have finally decided it would be fruitless for me to continue attempting to contact Evernote directly.  And, I am having to spend way too much time on this.  Consequently, I am going through this forum.

Again .... I want to cancel my auto renewal and I want my money back.

Here is the email I attempted to send last year. 

I do not find a reminder regarding my automatic update ... charged to my credit card 29 May 2018.
I do not use Evernote. I would like a refund of the $34.99 charge made 29 May 2018.
If you cannot do the right thing here, I would at least cancel automatic renewal.
Your web site states  "Cancel auto-renewal at any time." I have spent more time than I would like trying to find the control that allows me to do this.
So, whether you choose to do the right thing
at the very least

Also, it took me a while, but ... I did find a link to customer support on your web site.

When I click on this link, your site logs me out
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Auto-renewal where ?

If your abo with automatic renewal was done using something like the App Store, you have to cancel it there ! This works, I have used it already. They will even give you a few days extra, plus some E-mails asking to rethink your quitting.

And you still have (even when you do not want it) a premium account, that gives you full access to support. Go to your account in one of the clients, choose support and submit a support ticket, and there you go.

For all users, basic as well, there is the option to contact support on all billing issues through the EN website.

All these accesses work !

P.S. There is no need to wait with quitting until the very last moment. You can place an abo with an automatic renewal, and quit it the very next day. You will still be able to use up what you paid for, but you will not have to think about an action months later, just to miss THAT date.

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My account has been renewed today costing Rs. 1500. However, now I don't want to continue the subscription and want a refund. I can see from the refund policy of Evernote that I am Eligible for the return but can't see any link to request for refund. 

Kindly help.

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48 minutes ago, Mike Long said:

I'm having the same issue, I was forced to unsync a device (I only had 2) or pick a SUBSCIPTION to which I opted for $3.50 A MONTH but they charged me $41.99 with no way to fix the problem or talk to someone, I feel like I've been shanghai'd 

The $3.50 per month rate is an annual rate averaged and presented at $3.50 per month but you pay for the whole year.  The pay monthly rate is is more.  Since you have misunderstood the tariff you should raise a support ticket and explain your situation.  You will receive a refund. Support Ticket – Evernote Help & Learning

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1 hour ago, Mike Long said:

pick a SUBSCIPTION to which I opted for $3.50 A MONTH but they charged me $41.99

You can also pick monthly payments or an annual payment   
There's a discount for annual payment   
It looks like you picked annual payment

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