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Manually re-arrange notebook/notes/tasks

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I've been having syncing issues with OneNote whilst using a VPN so I have decided to try an alternative note applicaiton and came across Evernote so I apologize for my silly question as I am new but.. how do I manually sort my A. Notebooks B. Notes/tasks within a single notebook?

I have attached an example, a screenshot of 3 notes within a single notebook titled "All Health Diary" - I can't seem to manually re-arrange (drag and drop) those 3 in the order I want except through using a predefined "sort by.." options which is not what I want!


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On 6/1/2019 at 12:18 PM, IKnowSomething said:

how do I manually sort my A. Notebooks B. Notes/tasks within a single notebook?

There is no way in Evernote, at least at this time. Ordering for notebooks is alphabetical. Ordering for notes can be  via a number of ways, including alphabetically, by title, created date, updated date, adn so on. Availability of note sorting options depends on the client you're using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web).

The one thing in Evernote that you can generally sort manually is reminders (which are a kind of a note typically displayed in their own special sublit).

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If you want to set up a sort of manual sorting, you can set a prefix before the real content.

Like Numbers before the notebook title („1_MyNotebook“ will show before „2_ANotebook“, whereas „MyNotebook“ will show behind „ANotebook“) , will then sort following the numbers. You may use symbols to have some notebooks stand out, like „@Inbox“ to have your Inbox notebook always on top of the list.

On notes, you can set up an elaborate system of creating titles for the notes, that will contain a lot of searchable information without searching the full notes (search can be restricted to for example just the titles).

If you want to group several notebooks together, another option is to use stacks for some logical groups. Like Business, Private, Finances, Family, Blogresearch, Travel, Hobbies etc. You can set the stack a notebook should belong to in the notebook settings.

Personally, I do not think that too much sorting will do you any good except complicating your data housekeeping. I personally rely on a) the excellent search function b) tagging and c) not too many notebooks. The more you fracture the information over notebooks, the more often you will have to search „all notebooks“. This will produce more blind hits than a search narrowed down to a single notebook.

Check out the Help&Support Pages of the EN Website. They have many articles about best practice and how-to-tips. One is an article about the advanced search syntax that you can use to discover any piece of information dug deep somewhere in your data base.

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