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Scansnap S1300i and Macbook with Mojave

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I have had a Scansnap s1300i successfully connected to my old 2009 iMac using the Scansnap Evernote edition software. Everything works beautifully. I now attempted to connect the scanner to my 2015 Macbook running Mojave (10.14.5). I can scan successfully using the Scansnap home software, but all attempts to use the Evernote edition fails. It will install, but on opening the scanner the blue light just continuously blinks. Starting the software from the Macbook does nothing. 

I can use it with Evernote and the default Scansnap home software, but each scan is now several steps, whereas before all worked so well in one step. Does anyone have a solution?

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From other threads here in the forum (using myself a standard ix500 with MBP and Mojave): The EN edition SW is not compatible with Mojave.

Solution seems to be: If the scanner is an Evernote Edition scanner, convert the scanner to a standard Fujitsu scanner using a firmware download from the Fujitsu support pages. Once done, this can not be reverted. Use standard Fujitsu Scansnap SW on the Mac.

It is less elaborate, but working. I get an open EN-window containing the scanned file for each scan I do. That is OK when you do the notebook and tag selection immediately, and a nuisance if you want to do this later.

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Thanks, I suspected that was the case. The scanner itself works fine with the Scan Snap Home software. The best way that I have found is to scan with that, then use Open with Evernote on each scanned document, then delete it from Scan Snap. A few more steps but not too onerous. Would really be nice though if Evernote/Fujitsu would updateh Evernote edition software.

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From the discussions here in the forum, this seems to be not happening. I think the business relation EN and Fujitsu is over for good.

What I did: I have created additional scanning jobs inside of the Mac ScanSnap software to control the most basic aspects like duplex/simplex, resolution, scan type (jpeg/pdf) etc. Not very good, because each combination needs another job, but at least something to avoid setting everything from scratch each time.

For the occasional scanning of a few pages I rely more and more on Scanner Pro on my iPhone.

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