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Strange Note Search Glitch Involving Left Panel Tag List

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This isn't a huge program breaking issue or anything, but an odd annoyance that just started a few days and doesn't coincide with a recent update (I have the current public version installed weeks ago I'd guess).

I'll be searching like normal one minute, and the next minute nothing at all comes up... but there's a connection.  I'll notice my list of tags in the side panel, which I always have collapsed because it's a bloody jungle, will be expanded. I confirm the cursor IS indeed in the notes panel where note searches are performed, and it will fail to find *anything*.  When I got back to the left panel, collapse that massive tag list, back to the middle panel to search notes, it will find things. Then the cycle will repeat a handful of times per session (sessions these days are fairly short to begin with).  This issue survives reboots, so...I don't know. 

It's easy enough to get passed, but it's just too strange not to post.  I guess I'm the only one?   

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