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Cancelling Evernote

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Has anyone else had issues canceling Evernote for Business?  I used to love Evernote, but the aggressive sales tactics with multiple calls convinced me to try Evernote Business for my organization.  It has not been a good fit.  I tried to talk to someone but found that impossible.  Now I am billed for an additional year for a useless product.  What to do.  To say that I have lost faith in a brand I loved for years is an understatement.  Thoughts on how to deal with what feels like a ripoff?

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Hi.  All payment issues are handled by customer services,  so the main contact is via the support link - look for a 'payment issues' topic in the drop-downs.  If you look around you may be able to find the Chat option (time zone permitting).  AFAIK everyone has access to their own payment details* and can downgrade or cancel service as of the next subscription due.  If your due date just passed,  you're back to contacting Evernote to explain the issues and ask for a refund.

*look for 'manage subscription'

See also: Billing/Payment and Subscription Issues

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I am having the same problem. Been trying to cancel my business subscription and have emailed Evernote with no reply.

Gazumped, I have tried your link and try to find 'payment issues' with no luck either. It just logged me out of my account.

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