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Read-only option to read saved notes



Hello All,

   I'm actively using webclipper add-on to save interesting articles to my notebook. One issue I keep facing while trying to read a saved note is: there is no way I can open a saved note in read-only mode in mobile. As you know while scrolling the note in mobile, many times the note goes into edit mode which is annoying sometimes. When i reached out Evernote Support, the person responded with discussing new feature request in forum. Shall we suggest read-only option for Evernote app for Android?



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Hi.  I moved your post to a feature request forum,  though I seem to recall that there are other requests for read-only modes.  There are also other options to read web pages later - https://zapier.com/blog/best-bookmaking-read-it-later-app/ (I think they meant bookmarking) which don't offer an editing option,  and from which you could then archive pages to Evernote if they were worth keeping.

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