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URL to create a new note in EN web, or http://note.new

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Hi.  As a subscriber you do can send emails to Evernote to create a note with options of notebook, tags and reminders set by the title of your mail.  Depending on your OS you may also have the ability to create a 'quick note' with a keyboard shortcut or a home screen icon.  There's no URL though - sorry..

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Is there any other option to quickly add new notes? I usually need to create notes, that are subsequently open as browser tabs. Support for the web-client has recently grown more important for me, as I am given a Linux-PC at work.

My workflow usually is:

  • Create new note.
  • Push evernote URL to another device (e.g. home-pc) with Pushbullet.

This works reasonably well with Google Keep, but that solution suffers from how easy it is to accidentially close a note and from Google Keep not updating tab titles. It works less well with evernote, where the crucial "create new note" step isn't quite as fast.

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53 minutes ago, Klaus said:

Is there any other option to quickly add new notes?

Hi.  Also (currently) working on a Linux laptop,  and -sadly- there is only the Evernote Web interface.  If you were a subscriber it would be possible to 'fire' a new note at Evernote as an email,  and if you want to investigate gmail and Airtable,  IFTTT,  Jotform or Zapier,  there are third-party apps that can receive data and create a note from that data. 

For instance I have a Jotform setup that will create a create a Google Calendar and an Airtable entry for a given event.  There's a Zapier 'zap' that will transform the calendar entry into a note.  (It's not elegant,  but it works...)

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