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Can't open multiple notes.....still

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For a long time now I have been frustrated with the inability to open multiple notes, a huge issue for those that are used to being able to do that both with Evernote and other applications. I truly want this fixed as swapping between open notes is an imperative and if I am not mistaken this has been a huge problem for people for a long time now. The old engine used to do it, so I don't understand why you would either remove a valuable feature, or carry around dormant code in the operating system. I'd really like an answer as to when this feature is coming back. I use this program in bursts for consolidated study and need it to perform this function. 


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Thanks for that, I've hunted around and it seems if I use the dropdown menu I can open a new note in a new window, after all, but I am sure I used to be able to do it another way. Still, I wouldn't have worked this out if you hadn't helped, so thanks. How do you open a note so you don't lose the note you had?


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6 hours ago, casam268 said:

How do you open a note so you don't lose the note you had?

Not clear why you "lose the note you had",
but you do lose focus on the current note if you open a different note.

With the current note open in it's own window, it is easy to locate.


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