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Adding evernote as a safe location when linking from Excel 2016

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Hi guys,

I am using an excel sheet for project management in which specific cells link to specific notes within EN. However when I click the link, this warning appears (sorry for it being Dutch), stating that the location might be unsafe. Does anyone have a clue on how to turn this off? Within the trust center of Excel (2016) I do have the option to enter specific paths as safe, however the link is different in the sense that is isn't a drive directory.

Help is much appreciated.






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Just tried this with Office 365. 

  1. If I copy/paste the link using left click, when I access the link I go through the browser to the note in desktop EN. 
  2. If I copy/paste the link using Ctrl+click I get the same error box as you and then to the note in desktop EN when I select yes.


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