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page won't "scroll" when typing a note past the bottom

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I am working with evernote, and have been for years.  I am on a PC using Windows 10.


When I fill the visible note I am working on, the note keeps entering text, but it runs below the end of the screen, and I cannot see what I am typing until I use the arrow down key or manually scroll dragging the slider bar down with the mouse. This is relatively new but very frustrating.  Does anyone else experience this? Any solutions out there?

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Hi.  This was an issue in previous versions,  but the latest update-but-a-couple seems to have restored normal scrolling.  I works for me,  anyway - what Evernote version are you on?

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Thank you gazumped...when I check for updates, it says there are no new updates available, and I recall getting an update within the last few weeks, so I believe I am at the most recent one. Thanks

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On 6/1/2019 at 1:22 PM, WeCanLearnAnything said:

This bug is about 3 years old now, so i don't know if Evernote will ever ACTUALLY fix it, even though the company claims to have fixed it already.

Check out this thread, especially the posts near the end of it.

As noted in the referenced topic, moving the cursor or typing a text character (including space) or certain special keys (Enter, arrow keys) will indeed scroll the display up so that you can see the current line. As far as I can tell, the problems originally reported issue there were fixed, though later on down-thread, further cases were reported that don't work (e.g. inserting Tab, bulleted or numbered lists, etc.). In this thread here, my testing seems show that just typing will auto-scroll as you get to the bottom of the note window in the current public version ( If it doesn't for the reporter, more details would be required to nail down the description of the problem.

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