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Updated Android App...noticing a couple of differences

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I am glad that search is now working again thanks to the latest Android upgrade. I am noticing two differences and wondering if others are seeing the same thing. Also wondering if there perhaps a setting that needs to be rechecked somewhere.

1) When I search on the Android app, I seem to remember that the search would not only return notes meeting the criteria, but would highlight each instance of the search term in the notes it returned. Am I remembering that correctly? On the latest version (8.9.1), search is working, but not highlighting.

2) When I create a new note, if there is an entry on my Google Calendar at that time, the default title of the note has always been the name of the meeting. That is no longer happening. The title of the note is blank. (Maybe this is by design. Perhaps most didn't find it a useful feature.)

Thanks for any light you can shed.


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Just ran a quick test.  I agree found keywords don't seem to be highlighted any more.  Check Settings > Notes for title options like 'location' and 'calendar event' - yours may be unticked.

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Thanks! Found"Auto-title using location" was unticked. "Auto-title using calendar event," however, was already ticked. We'll see if the combination of both being ticked gives the desired results.

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