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College Block integration

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Hello guys,

Evernote Need a Integration for college blocks, like the Oxford System with scribzee… So many guys in my University use Evernote and all cry, that they Need 200 subprogramms… there is no direct chance to integrate college block in Evernote... and a cheaper Version of the Moleskin books would be nice too… soooo expensive for  students.

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14 hours ago, Jonas Kraft said:

So many guys in my University use Evernote and all cry, that they Need 200 subprogramms

200 seems a bit excessive, but I do believe in using external editors for extended features.
The Evernote editor is good for basic notes; can you provide more details on your requirements.

>>like the Oxford System with scribzee

I use an iPad
- Evernote/Scannable works for scanning/importing pages, no Oxford/Moleskin required.
- I also use handwritten notes on my iPad. I use the Notability app.

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Another option would be to create a pdf from the paper layout, import it into a notetaking app (Goodnotes 5 in my case), take notes with an iPad + Pencil, and copy + paste the resulting handwritten notes into Evernote.

To create the pdf of the paper form, simply scan it using a scanner that can create pdf-format. Any pdf can be imported as a template into Goodnotes.

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