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Different Symbols for Checkboxes (and other enhancements)



The checkbox feature in Evernote is a great tool but I think it would be much more useful with the following enhancements (in order of priority):

  1. Allowing for additional symbols in checkboxes for items that are in progress or waiting on someone. For example, an initial click would check the box, clicking again would change to a tilde for in progress, clicking again would change to an exclamation point for waiting on someone, etc. A similar idea was posted some time ago here: 
  2. Allow for auto-formatting of checked boxes, or implement rules that allow users to do conditional formatting on checked boxes. For example, graying out or striking through a completed item is a much better visual indicator that the item has been completed in a long list, compared to just a checked box.
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I used to use Ilium ListPro for all my lists. I moved across to Evernote for simplicity of having a single product, but there are some features of ListPro I miss. In particular the ability to use different symbols in checkboxes - for example to cancel something (perhaps a crossed box). Would have thought this would be a reasonably straightforward add. I also miss the ability to mark priority next to an item using a number or a 1/2/3 priority - this was possible with ListPro as it was column organised rather than free text, and I could work round it using tables - although then it becomes less straightforward to add a new item - or (as I currently do) by using colour, manually, to highlight/lowlight items.


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