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Backup without Mac nor Windows?




I am using the Web version of Evernote.

I also have Android phones and a Chromebook.

No one has any Windows or Mac in the office, we all use Linux, Chromebooks or Android.

How can we backup the data? We cannot commit to use exclusively Evernote if we have to rely only on a third party. If we lose everything we pretty much go bankrupt.


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3 hours ago, FloLA said:

If a third party has access to Evernote's raw data, is there a way we can have access to it as well?

Yes, but you need developer skills.

Along with the third parties, we have access via the same APIs

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Ah! Thanks.

We do have developer skills that's fine.

So something like this then:

1. NoteStore.listNoteBooks 

2. Something to list the notes of a book (what's the function for this?)

3. NoteStore.getNoteWithResultSpec   (withContent=true)

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Since 2019 the whole Evernote application infrastructure has changed.

I use a Github project - evernote-backup - to do a weekly backup to my local drive.  Actually I don't feel any great need for it but I tried it out as a proof of concept and it works well. Being on Github it is free and there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can run on any machine and no Evernote application is required.

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1 hour ago, Phil2656 said:

So since the previous response from DTlow dated 2019, nothing new regarding Evernote backup?

Does not manually exporting to ENEX or HTML suffice? I prefer that as then I have my data outside of the Evernote ecosystem. ENEX is just XML that many other tools can read and the HTML export allows the data to be read locally on Desktop.

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2 hours ago, Phil2656 said:

Agsteele, does github work with  Chromebooks?


Github does but evernote-backup only has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. I think you are going to be struggling to do the export with a Chromebook.

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