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Quite some time ago after reading an online tutorial, I added many, many tags to many notes, believing that sorting and finding this way would be easier. I just discovered that over 2/3 of my tags are suddenly not showing up on my Mac laptop. They do appear in my online account. In addition, I seem to have two tabs on my laptop tags "my tags" and "all tags." I'm not sure who else would be adding tags to my computer, but sure enough, there are a couple more tags in the "all tags" than in "my tags." Nonetheless, how do I get all my tags back on my laptop? Syncing doesn't seem to do it.  

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Okay, this is really stupid, but I'm owning up to it because someone else might do this. Some of my tags are "nested." When I started clicking the little down arrows, they are all there. Doh!

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