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I believe that software should be intuitive.  I believe developers also believe that.  Sometimes there are barriers,

I went to move a notebook today.  I tried the two techniques that I have learned to use in almost any other Mac program.  I right clicked but the option didn't exist.  Then I clicked and dragged.  It did not work.  I checked help and it said I should click and drag so I deleted the notebook, went into the new stack and created a new Notebook.  This still was not in the stack.  I tried again and went to help.  The problem was that I was using the sidebar and not the notebook "Page."

Where is this "Page" called "Page"?

It seems I'm not  the only one.  I'm not sure what the Notebook page offers that the sidebar does not.  And even so, one shouldn't limit the feature to a certain location.  Add it to right click and allow us to work intuitively by allowing this with the sidebar.  There are times one may have a long list where the notebook is in the notebook page and one can only see the stack in the sidebar.  We can move notes between notebooks this way.  And why don't I have the option to place the Notebook in the correct stack at the beginning?

And any time people ask how to do simple functions, step back and think of having the program work in a way that users expect instead of having users learn your proprietary way and having to go through training to learn.

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2 hours ago, Ryq G said:

Where is this "Page" called "Page"?

826168723_ScreenShot2019-05-15at12_42_26.png.b1a4b1f6c199ad91329148f115e1b0f8.pngTo view the notebook page     
Click the Notebook Icon
- Or more intuitively; select      View > Notebooks

>>I'm not sure what the Notebook page offers that the sidebar does not. 

Right-Click, Drag and Drop, New Notebook, Find a Notebook


As you can see, I use a minimal sidebar; just icons

We can display the notebook tree in the sidebar,
however some users get confused having Notebook access in multiple locations.

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Why do I have to go to another page to perform these functions?  I don't with note/notebooks?  And one can drag on the sidebar,...but it's a trick....you cannot drop.

My point was that I shouldn't need to go through extra steps.  And there are times where the list is so long, one has to go several pages up or down while still holding and dragging.  Macs don't have pageup/down keys.  Lining up the files on the right with the left is also very helpful sometimes.

  Intuitive Software should:

1) Be consistent in the program and with others.

2) Place commands where users expect.

3) Don't require extra keystrokes.

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