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If the yellow bar had appeared anywhere else (ie not inside the brackets,  looking like it hides something) I would have said that it was just Evernote wanting to highlight a search keyword,  but missing the correct location.

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Hmmn.  No problems for the wait - and I don't understand why that headline is opaqued out when it clearly has a recognised word in it.  Maybe the OCR handwriting nanny was objecting to the scrawl!  😉  (My handwriting is actually worse - comparisons have been made to Sanskrit and drunken spiders)

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On 5/15/2019 at 9:26 AM, GiacomoLaw said:

OCR result is showing, but the yellow highlight is solid:


Any way I can fix this? Thanks!

Just as a side note, very impressed with OCR. Improved dramatically since I last used it a year or two ago. :) 

I think you should open a support ticket for this; you have very specific details

I see no problem with your note, and Evernote OCR did correctly identify the text

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