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Lag when Creating a New Note

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Hi.  I agree there's a lag,  but even in your video it's 4 seconds - the counter just ticks over to 5 as the note appears - which matches my experience.  I hadn't noticed until you mentioned.  How is 4 seconds delay an issue?  None of my apps give me an 'instant' on,  and some take a lot longer than 4 seconds to wake up...

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Before the templates thing was introduced, the New Note dialog took just 2 seconds to open up. For someone who takes frequent notes every few hours, I find i4 to 5 seconds is too long

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As you're a subscriber,  I'd suggest raising a support ticket with Evernote - see if they can suggest any way to speed things up.  Before you do that though,  try uninstall / restart / reinstalling the app.  I'm running an ancient (by mobile standards) Note 4 - more modern devices maybe should handle the processes faster...


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